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Commercial Cleaning Services

Office buildings

Keeping an office environment clean helps keep workers healthy and productive. Since each business is different, we will customize the cleaning to your needs, whether you have conference rooms for client use, large windows, or employee cubicles.

Schools and Day Care Centers

There are thousands of germs that live at schools and day care centers. Making sure the facility is kept clean will keep the children and staff healthier and safer.

Retail Stores

First impressions are extremely important in a retail store. Prestige Commercial Cleaning will make sure the space is clean and presentable so your customers clearly see the quality of your brand.

Banks and other Professional Buildings

Clean windows, clean floors, and dust free surfaces in lobbies and entrance ways make professional buildings look the part.

Moving Cleaning

When you are moving into a new home, the last thing you want to do is have to deal with cleaning it. Wouldn’t you feel much less overwhelmed if, when you walked into your new home, it was spotless? Well, if you hire us, we can ensure that every nook, cranny, surface, and air space is thoroughly and extensively cleaned. With our move-in cleaning package, we will: Pressure wash the outside of the home including the sidewalk, driveway, and pack patio area. Wash the windows, both inside and out. Use a vital oxide treatment to thoroughly disinfect any germs, both air based and on the surface. Deep clean every part of the house. For those on the opposite side of the moving process, we also offer move-out cleaning services. Whether you are a renter who wants to ensure that you get your full security deposit back, or a home owner who is selling your house and need it to be clean, we have you covered.

House Cleaning

Our house cleaning services will provide you with consistent, professional house cleaning services every time at an affordable price. We truly treat each house cleaning as unique. That means you will get our typical house cleaning services along with specific details you have asked for. We keep track of these details to make sure they are getting done during each house cleaning. Just imagine coming home to a house cleaned just as you wanted after a busy day!

aWhat’s Included in Our Cleaning Services? As part of a regular cleaning service, our teams will:

Dust window sills, decorative items, wall hangings, blinds, ceiling fans, and furniture Remove cobwebs General tidying Vacuum all floors Empty wastebaskets and place trash in outside receptacle Vacuum family room furniture Wash window over sink Make beds

Deep Cleaning

(additional fees apply) Wipe down woodwork, including baseboards, door frames, window sills, cabinet exteriors, and paneling Clean interior windows, sliding glass doors, and french doors Spot clean walls Utilize HEPA vacuum on upholstered furniture, pillows, bedding, mattresses, drapes, stuffed animals, carpet edging, window blinds, and HVAC vent covers Clean underneath area rugs Clean underneath/behind light, movable furniture Polish silver *Services may vary by location and/or region.

Please contact your local office to discuss individual cleaning needs.

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